Dementia, A Child's Perspective

I can relate to how horrible this diagnosis must have been for him. It's by NO MEANS fun-- neither is Alzheimer's, a close cousin. It's a sad thing to say but, I'm just kind of grateful that my mom was not clinically depressed along with her diagnosis. It gave me some more years to talk and relate to her and find out what made her sick. 

She was very tight lipped about it. She kept EVERYTHING inside. It wasn't until I reached drinking age that she'd open up. We'd go out from time to time or stay home and share a bottle. At that time she was very open. It's sad that it took that, but sometimes it does.

My heart goes out to the Robin Williams family. It is not easy to deal with any kind of dementia. I have a second cousin, a Great Aunt, a deceased Grandfather, and a Mother with similar forms of dementia and Parkinson's. I am so sorry that your father made the decision he made. 

BUT please understand, it's a normal process everyone diagnosed with that will go through. My Mom, who has Alzheimer's even questioned it and I was worried too with her depression. We ALL NEVER think it will happen. 

We ALL think it will be okay, but sometimes it happens. And you should NEVER-- NOT EVER blame yourself. I am SO SORRY it happened to you! YOU HAVE no idea! 

I stayed up late with my Mom, just as I'm sure you did with your Dad, when she was depressed trying to deal with what was happening to her, and sadly, I could never convince her to go to a doctor. I don't know if you could. But parents are a PITA (PAIN IN THE ASS). 

I'm sure that Robin Williams's kids felt the same way I do. 

I feel guilty because I was at least there in the beginning and the middle when she knew who I was. And I was trying, and trying real hard, to make sure she was in as good of spirits as I could get her to be in before she forgot me. Now? We are all nurses to her. It's tough! May God give the Williams family a ton of strength during this time of grief.

Stay FABULOUS!!!!!!!
 Love and friendship,

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