Please Pardon the Dust

It has come to a point with this blog that a makeover for the website is needed. Fibro and Fabulous has enough posts where I can start to section off pages in dedication of certain topics so it's easier on all of you visitors while you are here perusing.

This process is usually only a small undertaking for large corporations, but it will be a little tougher, and a lot longer of a process for little old me because I'll be up against my writing schedule, family schedule, and of course, my body's schedule. BUT I'm up for the challenge!

My future plans include a separate page for all of my recipes, a tips for coping/daily management of Fibro symptoms page, my day-to-day thoughts in the form of blog entries, as well as, separate pages about my up and coming and published books. I'm also toying with a page geared towards caretakers and partners.

This will be a large undertaking and I want to thank you in advance for your patience, so please, pardon the virtual dust as I clean up and remodel the blogsite for you all!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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