Petition to Thank Our Readers

Most people like to blame "the big guys" today because a lot of them are greedy. But as an indie author myself, I can attest to the fact that I make a minimum profit of 35% of the sale of my book through Amazon International and 70% in the US. They are not considered my publisher either. I am my own publisher. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY-- I know EXACTLY what the start up costs of publishing a book are because I pay for those out of my own pocket before the reader even sees the finished product and it's not as expensive as "the big guys" lead you to believe. As a consumer myself, I know how hard it is to afford food and shelter because I've struggled just like you all too. In fact, there are plenty of times that I STILL do. I remember a time when I was a teen and I could walk into a book store and pay a reasonable $5 for a paperback and about 10-15 for a hardcover. This is just simply not true anymore. As an author, it is important to me for all of you to be able to afford my work. I obviously won't make sales if you can't, and this is why (EVEN WITH SHIPPING) my book is in the $15 range and my eBook only costs about $5. I also use writing as a source of income because I am disabled due to Fibromyalgia and can no longer work in my trained profession. If this boycott goes through I will lose both ways of earning an income. So please, join me readers, and sign this petition to gain our independence from people who want us to conform to their wishes.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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