Is It a Gluten Sensitivity or a Carb In The Wheat?

This article has been circulating the internet as of late in either written or video form. It talks about a study done where gluten sensitive people may not actually have a problem with wheat but with fructan.

The study is very small, and you all know what I think about small studies. I'd rather see at the very least 100 participants to see if there is any validity to these findings. Having said that, I can understand where this is all going. Many researchers believe Celiac Disease is rare since only 1 percent of the population ever gets diagnosed. So according to these researchers, it MUST be something else rather than wheat, right?

It could be. I personally didn't have a huge problem with wheat. I'd break out in an eczema flare if I had two servings of pasta in a week, but that was it. I didn't start having serve bloating that led to a 4 size change in my dress size until just a couple of years ago. I also miscarried twice, suffered from severe panic attacks, hand eczema, and severe fatigue and brain fog-- all of which can be considered symptoms of Celiac. BUT I could very well have a reaction to something the food manufacturers added to the wheat in the past 14 years if these problems are recent within the past 14 years.

Here's the thing, though, I grew up on a gluten-free diet. And by gluten-free I mean I didn't consume a whole lot of carbs at all. I didn't actually like bread growing up and would only have it one a week when I had my salami and provolone cheese sandwich on rye bread. I also wasn't a big rice or potato fan either. I only ate what I liked. I ate veggies and protein in the form of chicken, pork, or on rare occasion, beef. That was it as far as my diet was concerned. And I even steered clear of diary. I HATED milk as a kid and I still do unless it's in my tea.

My diet only started to change to the 4 basic food groups when I had kids and that's where I wound up getting into trouble because I always cooked a dreaded starch with every dinner. And even though I like carbs now, my body feels they are the enemy.

I do applaud these researchers for trying to get to the bottom of this, but I'd honestly like to see the studies grow into tests done on a processed free diet verses a processed one. I think that's where they might find something BIG, especially for chronic pain sufferers.

I'm not saying that processed foods are the only factor that makes any of us chronic pain patients suffer, but I know it plays a big role with me. I honestly feel much better if I don't consume anything out of box, can, or bag that has something processed in it. I LOVE my potato chips with Cabot dip, as well as Twizzlers, but my body isn't a big fan.

Sadly, Twizzlers contain wheat and after one helping, I have suffered from a panic attack the following day. Cabot dip (at least the one I like) has MSG and I got bloated and tired after having that within 2 hours. So, I really can't have any processed foods anymore.

Sure, it COULD be something else. It would be nice if it was so I could feel just as normal as everyone else that is healthy. But I doubt it. Fibro symptoms can get worse with age if you don't do what's right for your body. Period

How about all you? What do you all think? Is this study just bogus or do you think they might be onto something? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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