Weather Doesn't Trigger Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

Okay folks, you all know how I feel about studies and this one takes the cake!  A study was done in the Netherlands to see if the weather triggers a flare.  The Netherlands typically doesn't have a drastic change in temperature, summers are cool and winters are not extreme (according to

Now granted, this study was supposed to be about sunshine verses rain and winter verses summer, but generally, when you talk to a person about the weather, they include heat, or lack there of in their perception of the weather.  A rainy day is okay, but if it's a cold rainy 60 days in a place that's normally sunny, that's something completely different for someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia.  And they probably WILL flare if their symptoms are anything like mine.

I wonder if their results would change if they did this study in America-- particularly New England where there is a distinct difference in seasons and the weather temperature could be 30 degrees at night and 90 degrees midday.  And speaking of the dog days, the temperature doesn't have to change outside for my flares.  All I have to do is move from an air conditioned setting and take a short stroll outside in extreme heat for me to feel some sharp pains in my knees.

Personally I think these people should go back to the drawing board and focus a little more on ALL weather aspects of several countries before bold statements are made.  But, having said all of this, this study does prove something I've hypothesized myself, that being, if I were at a location that had stable weather, would I have less flares?  I think the answer may be a resounding yes.  Perhaps I should plan a vacation to the Netherlands to prove this hypothesis true LOL!

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