A Response to the Fibromyalgia and Weather Correlation

Though I am very skeptical of the research that has been done with this particular study (please read my previous post entitled, Weather Doesn't Trigger Fibromyalgia Symptoms?, I do applaud the researcher responding to patients with Fibromyalgia.

I honestly believe that she is trying very hard to help people with Fibromyalgia, I just think her perception of weather is a little skewed.  There are many factors to consider with weather, and only giving this study a month, not focusing on all the seasons, and choosing to pick a geographic area that does not have extreme weather conditions, really did play a huge role in their findings.  I honestly believe that if they did an extensive study, involved other countries, added in extreme conditions, and focused on every season, they may have opposing figures to look at. Hopefully, someone else will look at the facts, interpret flaws, and study this issue again. 

Until then, I really hope this study is not used as a basis of facts linking Fibromyalgia to Psychosomatic Disorders.  That would be really discouraging for many patients.

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