Nothing New in Fibro But

To my faithful readers:

This is off topic, very off topic because fibro DOES NOT cause miscarriage, but for reasons I don't know yet-- I have. 

Miscarriage can cause a lot of emotions.  Some might be why because-- duh.  BUT!

You may feel like God spared you, a feeling I have.  You may feel like your baby-- no matter how little-- had a sex.  Go with it!  I'm naming my little one Gunnar.  I like the name and he's a warrior regardless because he sacrificed his life for my sanity when it comes to my grandma, mom, kids, hubby, mil, and fil. 

That's a warrior!  My little champion.  I love you and I will see you on the Other Side of Heaven.

Love you all!
Stay fabulous!

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