Working through the pain with Bee Natural Fibromyalgia Care Products

“I can't stand to see people in pain.” Marian, owner of Bee Natural said to me in a recent interview I had with her. Bee Natural Fibromyalgia Care Company, a new business, had its infant beginnings in 2011 with its official product research and development but Marian really had had the idea since her Fibromyalgia diagnoses.

“There aren't many products out there geared specifically towards Fibromyalgia sufferers.  Most are for arthritis pain and they include Fibromyalgia.  My goal is to have products like my Deep Tissue Morning Bath Soak on popular store shelves like Walgreens and Walmart specifically for the sufferer.  I experimented with many different combinations of herbs and salts for this product for many years. In fact, one might say that I actually started my research and development way back in 2008 when I was first diagnosed with three different cancers and then Fibromyalgia.”

Marian chose specific herbs and salts for Fibro sufferers in her bath soaks. She adds Basil for alertness.  This helps with Fibro Fog.  And she uses Epsom Salt to draw out Fibromyalgia pain. Her choice of lavender for her other bath soak is for people who may suffer from anxiety along with their Fibro pain. Marian is also working with certain essential oils for Fibro sufferers and plans to have some available on her website soon.
“Sandlewood helps with sleep, calmness, and stomach issues but it has to be pure in order to do the most good.”

Curious about her symbolism in the bee, I asked Marian why she had chosen it as her company logo. I figured that maybe some of her products may contain bee pollen, a substance known to help aid in alleviating fatigue. But Marian elloquently stated that she has never viewed any Fibro sufferer as a butterfly.

“They just don't seem to work as hard as the bee. And even way back in middle school, I can remember working as hard as a bee. I was always sick with something and penicillin never seemed to work. I also had Chronic Fatigue and was home in bed often but I still graduated at the top of my class.”

Many studies have shown that Fibromyalgia sufferers tend to be Type A personalities and a worker bee would fit our choice of lifestyle well. Even when we find that we are becoming sick, we find ways to compensate by doing extra on our good days. Marian, a high school English teacher, used to do her lesson plans on the weekends.

And that's not all that this ambitious Fibromite does. In her spare time she has been writing her own books for Fibro sufferers. She plans to have them go to print shortly. She also would like to eventually set up a brick and mortar store geared specifically towards Fibromyalgia sufferers. These stores would carry anything from bath salts to comfortable clothing. She agrees with me and many other sufferers that some of the clothing on the market today is very uncomfortable for people with pain issues and she'd like to do her part in remedying that.  For more information on Marian, please visit her website

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