Pre-Pregnancy Checklist for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Many sufferers have been searching the internet as of late for advice on pregnancy while having this beast so I've decided to devote today's posting to a pre-pregnancy checklist for all of you thinking about adding a new addition to your families.
  1. Talk to your Fibromyalgia doctor about your medications.  Some meds are very harmful to growing fetuses.  Others may even hinder pregnancy.  Discuss a plan for weaning off these harmful medications and plan out a date for eliminating them either temporarily or for good before your pregnancy.
  2. Start taking prenatal vitamins now.  These vitamins are essential for baby so starting this good habit early is always a good thing.
  3. Have a game plan with family and friends for house duties.  Some of the regular house duties are a no-brainer for Mommy-to-be to do before pregnancy, however, once you have become pregnant, all bets are off.  Common household chores to steer clear of are changing the litter box, using harsh chemicals to clean the kitchen or bathroom, home improvements such as painting or staining, or doing anything that might cause you to get off balance-- in other words-- don't use a ladder or step stool while pregnant.  Okay, the last one was more for me because I sprained my ankle during both pregnancies.  Oh who am I kidding!  Learn from my mistakes people!
  4. Schedule a gyno visit and discuss pregnancy with your condition with him/her.  Depending upon your individual situation, you may or may not be considered a high risk pregnancy.  I was not but I also was not on any meds at the time either.  That can make a difference with some doctors.
  5. Get plenty of rest.  Eat right.  And learn not to push yourself too hard.  This will keep you in practice for when you are pregnant and can't do as much as you'd like.
  6. Pace yourself and allow yourself some slack.  NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE has every done pregnancy perfectly by the book.  Listen to yourself and your body and you will do what is right for you AND baby.
  7. Read up on symptoms and find a support system.  Many Moms have had Fibro and have had healthy pregnancies.  There are a lot of support groups out there-- even for Fibro Mommies.  And of course-- you always have yours truly!
  8. Plan ahead.  Who's going to change/feed the baby at night?  Will you breast or bottle feed? Who's going to clean the house during the day or night?  Are there other kids involved? What will they need during the day/night?
  9. Pets are a tough subject.  They are your babies, but what happens to them when you have "siblings".  First, map out a game plan as to who will take care of your precious Fluffy and Fido while you are having "sibling" number 2 and beyond.  Next, devise a plan as to how you will introduce your new "sibling" to them.  It's not really hard, but it can be frustrating if you've had Fluffy or Fido for a while before baby.  Pets WILL get just as jealous as siblings so patience and LOTS of treats are in order when the day finally comes.  Separation between baby and pet also helps because the pet will feel like they have "owner" time too.  I could go on and on with this. I promise there's a future post for this!  Until then, email me with your inquiries (
  10. "Mommy time", as in "me" time is also important.  It will be hard to separate yourself from baby at first at times, I know, but it is essential to do so because you have to take care of yourself too.  Plan time for your showers, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and time AWAY from baby.  Believe me-- Daddy really CAN handle it.  I've had 2 kids and SEVERAL pets to prove it!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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