Organic Foods and Nutrition, Really?

I honestly don't know what Stanford is trying to prove here.  This has got to be the worst case of waste I've seen in a long time.  Organic fruits and veggies were never meant to be more nutritious than their pesticide filled counterparts.  Both contain vitamins and minerals, HOWEVER, one will kill you off a lot quicker than the other!

Pesticides and other harmful chemicals are bad for you.  We say how bad it is to inhale cigarette smoke whether it's first, second, OR third so why is it so hard to believe that ingesting chemicals is ALSO a bad thing?! 

UGH!  I can't believe that someone was given money in the form of a grant for this!  We should all be outraged by it and demand that grants only be given to people who are worthy of doing something important for society with them.  This study clearly was not important and proved very little. 

We should be taking steps forward as a society not backwards.  Chemicals and antibiotics are not healthy for any of us here in the US-- period.  If they were than the rest of the world would still be using them too.  But they are not and were banned for a reason.

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