LiquidCMO Formulation Gives Dramatic Results For Fibromyalgia Patients

This press release looks promising, however, the studies done do not state the number of participants.  I don't like press releases that don't state the facts-- that's a personal pet peeve of mine.  I shouldn't have to find the facts-- they should be there in the release-- but that's me.  And as far as the numbers go, it's a bit scary that they don't post them.

HOWEVER, MSM can help Fibro sufferers.  That has been proven and I've even used it myself when I've had inflamed joints.  It did take a week or two, though for me to feel better once on MSM.   So if you decide to go that route-- wait at least two weeks before deciding it's not right for you.

A word of caution though, this site is only worth looking into if it's affordable for you.  I say that because personally, at least from my stand point, it's a little high. The cheapest bottle is $92.00 for about a two week supply (16 days).  Now that may seem harsh and I don't mean to begrudge people of their lively hood but let's face it-- having Fibro is expensive.

My Tremedol cost about $200 when I was taking it as a newly diagnosed Fibromite.  That was too much of an out-of-pocket expense for me and my family.  I actually stopped taking it because of the side effects AND the cost.  I'm glad I'm drug-free-- don't misunderstand-- but I also feel it's wrong for companies to charge high prices on drugs AND supplements. 

Many of these supplements on the market today can be grown in own backyards if we had the strength to do so!  We all have our good days and bad ones, but it just seems like we'd be better off having good days.  It's a WHOLE lot cheaper!

Again, I don't want to begrudge people of their lively hood and I think it's a good concept so I'll let you all be the judge...

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