A Not So Rich Look at a Billionaire's Viewpoint

I know this article sounds COMPLETELY off topic and borders on politics.  Politics is something that I don't really discuss much here on this blog because I feel opinions are like belly buttons.  Everyone's got one and sometimes the discussions can get so heated that an "innie" winds up having an "outy".

My personal opinion on politics is that politics suck.  The parties never seem to agree and they constantly bicker and never get any work done.  I know that if I pulled half the stunts the politicians have pulled in the past several years at MY job, I would have been fired.  But that's what makes them different-- they can sit on a law or policy, refuse to work across party lines, and STILL have job security because elections are only done every couple of years.

I think a lot of people are as fed up with me when it comes to politics and big business.  I'd say the economy-- but let's face it-- the economy IS big business.  They are the ones calling the shots-- not the little guy.  Which leads me to this article from the richest woman in the world...

I must admit that I got a chuckle from this one because it reminds me of another historical line, "Let them eat cake."  Both lines were spouted from people who are complete morons when it comes to what society is really going through.  And what's worse, if people really believed their statements to be true, we might have an even worse problem on our hands.

I'm sorry, but "working harder" doesn't get you rich.  Working harder can get you sick, but it doesn't make you rich.  I understand that rich people take risks with money, that's how they get rich.  The thing is, most average hard working people aren't going to have enough cash on them to take high risks.  This is where other people come in.  Rich people have a lot of friends who have been willing to help them succeed along the way and not all hard working people have that luxury.

So if you tell people to just stop having a life and go to work, that's okay, but expect ramifications.  Why?  People ARE working and they are WORKING too much.  The average work week isn't 40 hours anymore.  In fact, I'm not even 40 yet and I don't ever remember working only 40 hours at a full time job.  Those days went by the wayside long before the 90's came around and were replaced with 80-90 hour work weeks.  This constant working (and obviously HUGE dependance on big business to fuel and feed us) has made society as a whole a lot more stressed than even a generation ago.  Stress leads to disease, and disease leads to high health care costs.  These costs aren't going to bode well for businesses, nor will it for society when the sickened individual has to go on short or long-term disability. 

Most of my readers know that I had to quit my 18 year career, but what you may not know is that I'm glad I had to quit.  That JOB would have killed me because they were asking for way too much from any one particular individual.  Some of you may disagree with me and say, "Hey Kim, it was a job and you got paid so you should have done everything they asked of you no matter what."  I'm sorry, but when a job asks you to give up 5 weeks of vacation that you don't get paid for, to stay till 1 am and come in for 9 am the next day, pull you from your unpaid lunches, and lift heavy objects that weigh more than you do on your own, they are not looking out for your well being as a valued employee.  They are looking for an extremely cheap way to make more money-- period.   

That job, and that job alone, caused a lot of my Fibromyalgia problems because I was young and stupid and DID do everything they asked of me.  And because of that, I'm convinced that if I stayed, I wouldn't be able to walk today.  No amount of money is worth my mobile freedom.  I'm glad I quit and allowed myself the decency to be able to have a life that's somewhat free.  I may not ever know what it's like to live a life pain-free, but I can at least walk which is a HUGE improvement from 2005 when I couldn't.

So, to all of the billionaires out there that think we not so rich folk are jealous, please do me a favor, live, learn, love, and find some kind of fabulous for yourselves and your families.  We aren't jealous of your money.  We prefer our time, something that is FAR more precious than that worthless paper you think we seek. 

Stay Fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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