Fibromyalgia and Fashion

There's an old saying that states we are slaves to fashion.  And if you have Fibromyalgia and try to keep up with the latest trends, you might wind up feeling just as weak and weary as one!

Each generation has their fashion favorites and faux pas and some of us older gals have the proof of it on film.  YIKES!!!!  I grew up during a period where hair defied all the laws of gravity, woman's shoes could look good AND kill roaches at the same time, and pants were so baggy that it looked like you had a third leg growing.  Ah, the 80's, such a fond time for working hard and playing hard, but that grueling fast-paced life of fashion don'ts made my body want to scream!

Small one inch heels were nice in the 80's but the shoes coming to a roach zapping point were not.  My dogs were not barking-- they were whimpering when I let them out of their misery at night.  I was thankful when the 90's arrived because I could liberate my piggies and burn those tortuous shoes!  The 90's had a wider base for your piggies to run free, but the chunky heels reeked havoc on my knees and lower back.  Once 2000 came along, I vowed to only wear sneakers, sandals, flip flops, or Crocs for the rest of my natural born life!

Jeans are another torturous thing.  I'm sure hip-huggers make us look good figure-wise but who the heck cares about that if you can't smile due to the pain the squeeze is causing you in your bladder, hips, and lower back?  You know why you don't see models smiling in pictures anymore?  THEIR IN PAIN PEOPLE LOL!  Skinny jeans aren't great either because it's hard to move in them and they make my skin itch. 

And on a side note, who designs these things anyway?  BARBIE?  Sorry, I'm not a 5'9 anorexic gal who lacks hips and thighs.  I may no longer have a perky butt or chest but that's because I have kids.  My body is SUPPOSED to be that way because I've given birth.  And just because I have I shouldn't have to feel guilty EVERY TIME I shop for a pair of jeans.  I'm not big, I'm not small, I'm some where in between-- why can't you make jeans for the average gal AND at a decent price?  Is it that hard?  For the amount of time I spend TRYING to find a pair that fits-- the fashion designers should be paying me LOL!!!

Bras are another horrendous piece of fashion that I also hate.  My girls aren't big on confinement.  Sure, it's nice to have them perky with a little cleavage but they'd also like some room to breathe for crying out loud!  If these girls have to be in a cup size a little bigger or a sports bra-- they are perky!

The whole point I'm trying to make is that we Fibromites need to consider A LOT when we shop for clothes.  I spend just as much time shopping for clothes as I do a big ticket item because I want to make sure I feel comfortable without looking like I just put on Grandma's curtains.  Next time you get a flare, check to see if your tight fitting clothes may be to blame.  And if they are-- go hit the clearance racks!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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