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Those of you that faithfully read my blog know that I don't place a lot of weight in studies.  I find that most prove very little when it comes to theory because the test is done either on a small amount of people or their factors are just too vague. 

I just recently came across this case study ( that, pardon the pun, bases too much weight in its theory.  The study is supposed to link obesity to the severity of Fibromyalgia symptoms.  It had 888 participants, a good size for a study of this magnitude (again-- pardon the pun), but I don't find any controls-- which to me is discouraging.

Fibromyalgia happens to people of any size and I truly do not believe that one's weight is the soul factor for the severity of the disease.  I believe there are many factors like poor food choices, stress, overuse and abuse of the body, medication, and activity level that also play a huge role in the severity of the condition.

This study seems to only be looking at obese or severely obese Fibromyalgia sufferers and almost seems to ignore people who are at an average BMI or underweight since its focus is not on those sufferers.  I guess that would be okay if the study wasn't so gun ho on having people loose weight as a solution for pain management. 

I'm not chastising this study per say, because any study that focuses on solutions is a step in the right direction, however, weight gain for Fibro sufferers is almost a reality if they are on certain medications.  A healthy diet and exercise can help a little, but it won't work miracles.  Let's face it-- weight gain can be a side effect and I see nothing in this study ruling out that factor.

My regular readers know that I've gone drug-free for my Fibro pain.  It's a decision that I didn't take lightly.  I knew that there could be severe ramifications due to this decision, but I did it.  It wasn't an easy road at first-- I will admit-- but I do feel better about that decision daily. 

My weight wasn't a huge issue when I was on medication because I was still at a relatively healthy weight.  However, it was starting to become harder for me to "watch my weight".  At the time I'd gain 5 extra pounds during my period and I wouldn't think a whole lot about it until I tried to put on a pair of jeans.  I felt bloated and I was irritable.  I was also cranky at that time and I was vegan.  And despite being vegan, I gained 20 pounds total during that year I was on meds for Fibro.

Ten pounds for me at that time wasn't a bad thing.  I weighed 100 pounds when I was first diagnosed so gaining 20 didn't mean much to my doctor.  However, it might have meant something as far as the meds and severity of pain if one was looking in that direction.

This is why I believe a study corresponding all factors of weight should be done.  Since-- in essence-- I may have been fine weight-wise for my BMI but I was not fine as far as pain was concerned.  I honestly believe that there is just too much junk out there in the world and that we as a people need to get back to the basics in life. 

If we live pure we just may have an edge.  Living pure isn't hard, it's simple.  Yes, society has made life complicated because we need to be in several places at once-- but it doesn't HAVE to be that way.  Your body wasn't meant to gruel over a computerized job for 10 hours a day, nor was it meant to go home and work another 8 to maintain your home after those 10.

Ben Franklin once said, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  It's a great statement, but in today's society it almost seems archaic.  We work and play hard and long all week with no breaks.  It's not natural to keep doing this.  We ALL need down time or we get sick.

Living a simple life can help make things more manageable.  Sure it's a little time consuming to make your own food instead of heating up a box or ordering your favorite take out, but it's healthier in the long run.  Planting your own food can be a little daunting too but soaking up your vitamin K and D through the sun will help you a lot more than a fake supplement alternative.  And finally, what about the feeling of accomplishment?  Eating something that was tilled by your own hands is a lot different than eating someone else's till-- believe me.

Perhaps I'm a little too nostalgic for my own good.  Maybe I'm listening to my 91 year old Grandma too much.  But I truly believe they were far more happier and healthier as a society than we are today simply because they lived life simply.

Stay fabulous,
Love and friendship,


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