Writing isn't Just for us Writers

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, writing in and maintaining a journal is vital when it comes to your Fibro flares.  You can discover many things about your flares if you list what you eat and do, followed by how you felt afterwards. 

Many people shy away from journals because they don't like to write or they fear it won't help since their doctor(s) already have inches (sometimes feet) of paperwork recorded.  A journal enhances what your doctors know and it may even help you if you decide to get tested for food sensitivities.

Sometimes the information you can give your doctor will guide them in the right direction for your particular case of sensitivities.  Not all clinics or doctors that test for sensitivities are created equal, however.  Some test for the basics like dairy or wheat while others run the gamut.  Some doctors will run a series of blood, breath, elimination diet, or endoscopy tests, others will use biofeedback screening.  One particular place that does just that ran an interesting article about such tests and why they are done.


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