6 Weeks of Bliss:Challenge #5

This week's challenge for 6 Weeks of Bliss is all about quick 10-15 minute exercise routines.  We all know that exercise is important.  Recent studies have shown that people who sit for 4 hours or more a day are at a greater risk of developing diabetes, heart conditions, and/or becoming obese.  Given that I have Fibromyalgia, I can add stiff muscles and possible flares to the mix if I miss my routines.

Movement for a writer or any person chained to a desk or vehicle can be tough.  I know the once all-too common 8 hour day is almost non-existent in today's society and our risks of developing fatal disease is dramatically increased with our typical 12-18 hour days.  Finding time for personal care is tough with a tight schedule so exercise can seem out of reach.  But it doesn't have to be.

A 10-15 minute workout can be done right at your desk and no one needs to be the wiser!  Tension usually happens in the neck and shoulder region of desk-bound workers and drivers.  Simple movements involving the neck and shoulders should be done every hour or so to help alleviate stiffness.  Circular head movements, side to side, and up and down movements are best for your neck.  The shoulders can also benefit from clockwise and counter clockwise motion as well as up and down movement.

I also like to stretch my calf muscles and knees while I'm in a sitting position.  This can be achieved by flexing your feet up and down while they are slightly up off the floor.  If I have room underneath my desk I will stretch my legs out to strengthen my knees.  I will also rotate my ankles during this time.

Another great stretch is moving your torso from side to side.  This will release any other stress you have in your back region.  If you are lucky to have an arm chair, use the arms to make your stretch go farther.

Don't forget your wrists and fingers!  They get a lot of use while on a computer or behind the wheel and need some attention.  Simple finger flexing works well for your fingers and circular motion for wrists are also good too.

This ends my 10-15 minute office workout program!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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