6 Weeks of Bliss

We all got to talking on Bliss.com about gifts and what we'd like to give and receive this year.  I thought about it long and hard and came up with this...

The best gift I can receive is a little time-- say five minutes a day away from the entire family-- including the pets.  I'd like to try and use that 5 minutes to meditate.

The best gift I can give is healthy inspiration to everyone I know both physically and virtually.  I truly believe that health is achieved through state of mind, as well as proper diet and exercise.  And I think this is especially true for the chronically ill since they live with disease in the long term.

Depression can creep up on the chronically ill.  It can mask itself as part of the disease so much so that some people don't even realize that they are depressed.  Depression can be a dark place.  It's hard sometimes to see yourself out of it because there seems to be no light.

I speak from experience because I too have had to navigate my way through the darkness of depression.  I was lucky though, I had a guide who provided me light along my journey.  She was always there to lend a hand or shoulder when I needed it and she also made sure I'd hear encouraging words when I needed them most. 

I'm not sure where I'd be today if I didn't have my Grandmother's help, but I know for certain that I wouldn't be in as good of a place as I'm in now.  My blog has been an attempt to give to someone a little light in one's darkness of depression.  I truly hope I can continue to inspire not only in 2012 but beyond.

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