How Fibro Sufferers Can Beat the Heat

The extreme heat that Connecticut had been facing about a decade of summers ago had made it difficult for me to enjoy the dog days. I used to practically live outside all summer long when I was a kid, only going inside for food and sleep.

My symptoms ran rampant during extremely hot days as a newly diagnosed fibro adult and I tried to avoid the heat like the plague. I was finding it difficult to breath and to move due to the pain. I knew I had to do something for relief, but I wasn't exactly sure what.

At first I tried to live without an air conditioner. My thinking was that the extreme change in temperature was the culprit. I figured if I could eliminate the drastic change, my body would become more used to the summer again and I could finally remember what it was like to enjoy the warm weather. That worked until the past two summer's temperatures were breaking records set 40 years ago.

My asthma then kicked in, causing a whole other set of problems, including extreme fatigue, and the feeling of faintness. It was obvious that my conservation of air wasn't the best way to deal with my pain, so I opted to suffer through the lesser of the two evils and I put the air back on.

Summers for the most part are usually okay for me if Connecticut doesn't see temperatures over 85. My flares are mostly minimal as long as the humidity doesn't make the temperatures feel like they are over 100. These past two summers, however, have been a little difficult.

During this time, I've been caring for grandparents who aren't particularly fond of air conditioning so my husband had suggested I bring several packets of a hydration mixture with me while caring for them in a stiflingly hot house. Amazingly, my symptoms started to diminish. I couldn't figure out exactly why this was happening but I reveled in the fact that it did.

Below is an article that I just recently came across that offers tips to fibro sufferers who find it difficult to beat the heat.

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