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I really don't think there's enough out there on this subject and it's important for every sufferer to know that a woman can have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth of a child while having Fibromyalgia. Any pregnancy has its fair share of symptoms and Fibromyalgia should not be an excuse to not have children.

The important things about Fibromalgia and pregnancy are listed in the article below, but I'd like to reiterate that many doctors will not consider a Fibro patient a high-risk pregnancy unless it's absolutely needed. I was not a high-risk, in fact my pregnancy was pretty normal aside from being induced. And that had nothing to do with Fibro. I'm just one of those gals that needs a little help with labor because I tend to have long ones. I was also induced with my first and I had my first long before my Fibro diagnoses.

Another factor to consider is a calm setting. Birthing places have come a long way. Most look like 5 star accommodations today and we can take a few pointers from that idea once we are home with baby. Set up a calm setting for feeding time. You don't have to get incredibly fancy. A nice rocker next to a window will do. I used to watch the fireflies with feeding Olivia. A fish tank is also another great option. Fish have a calming effect and can reduce one's stress. A fresh water tank is the most economical because these fish tend to run smaller-- hence only a small tank is needed.

These are just a few ideas that can help reduce your stress and flares during pregnancy and those first few weeks.

Stay fabulous!
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Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy | Articles | Pregnancy Today

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