The Elimination Diet

I'm a big wrestling fan and I'm thinking about the "Elimination Chamber" matches from the WWE as we speak.  In wrestling, you have a winner and a loser and usually a good guy and a bad one.  Sometimes the bad guy wins because he's sneaky and we hate that, but that's the appeal of wrestling.

Whether you are a fan or not of wrestling, most people who suffer from fibro can hate elimination when it comes to diets because we have the good and the bad angel speaking to us.  We fibro sufferers who have been around the block know that these diets exist to help us eliminate the bad guys from our diets.  Many will find, like I did, that processed food is a major culprit.  Some will see gluten as a problem, and others are left in the dark.

My post today is to those people still looking.  Please know that an Elimination Diet is still a good idea-- even if you have a demon and angel complex because you can find out a lot about your body.  The best thing to remember is that once you have ruled out a food as being a target, you CAN and SHOULD reintroduce it back into your diet.

Some fibro sufferers I've talked to have steered clear of certain foods just because they know most patients have a problem with a particular food and this is not a good practice.  If you crave something in your diet, you need it.

Now, some people may disagree with me saying she's crazy!  All Fibro people need to avoid gluten and processed and, fill in the blank here.  And the answer to that is simple, no, I'm not crazy.  People are as different as this disease is and not everyone is sensitive to the same things.

My advice is to make sure you do an elimination diet often (at least once a year) and find your culprits.  Make sure you know what makes you feel good and bad as far as food and activity go and get yourself on a good multi-vitamin.

Stay fabulous,
Love and friendship,


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