Angela Segal Glazer, Ph,D on Importance and Needs

I don't get a chance to vegetate very often.  My dog, cats, fish, kids, hubby, and grandmother don't leave me much wiggle room.  Some days I tend to call it an early night and crash before I've even had a chance to relax.  Every mom out there goes through this, I know.  You work through breakfast and lunch and then wonder why you are so hungry.  It's utterly crazy what we put our body through and really should be no wonder why it threw up and gave us Fibromyalgia!

Mothers seem to be the most ignored and neglected people on earth.  Let's face it-- people take our talents, energy, and time for granted.  And most of us tend to just sit there and take it.  Why?  Because we aren't very good at expressing our importance or our needs.

I came across a gal by the name of Angela Segal Glazer, Ph.D who created Whole Soul, a site about living raw and real.  She believes we all should be true to ourselves.  You can find her Facebook page here

One of her mantras is I can assert my importance and needs in a healthy way.  I truly believe this is a beautiful statement to live by.  I'm not one to assert any of my importance or needs.  I tend to say nothing at all.  I know this isn't a good concept because I'm not a nothing, I'm truly something.  Every fibromite should take this mantra to heart and learn to assert your needs because we are all truly somethings!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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