Though the above link only touches on Fibromyalgia in the sense that its symptoms mimic Lyme disease, I wanted to share it all with you.  This link discusses film makers that are trying to put a human face on a search for a cure of many now well known diseases. 

Lyme is discussed because this particular disease, according to the documentary Under Our Skin, has been subjected to insurance companies wanting a profit as opposed to allowing patients' doctors to treat their disease.  This is nothing new.

Illinois just settleed with Blue Cross and Blue Shield to allegations that the large insurance company moved some of their sick child care claims to Medicaid and denied some claims all together.  Blue Cross settled by paying out 25 million.

Surprisingly or not, it's not just the health insurance companies that are denying claims.  An article appearing in The Policy Holder Perspective discusses how certain big name Auto and Home insurances were able to deny coverage to Sexual Abuse claims.

I could go on and on about how insurance companies have been keeping our money from Hurricane Katrina to a 17 year old dying before her liver transplant was approved.  One article even explains how these companies are getting crafty when it comes to denying claims.

It's a sad state that this world is in when we are putting profits before people, a coin phrase used by Richard Blumenthal when he ran for our state Senate seat.  I'm not sure exactly what all of us can do to change the way these companies are treating us, but I truly believe something should be done.  Honestly, I think the only way these companies will change is if we attack their wallet by refusing to pay them if they refuse to service us. 

There are just too many policies out there protecting the big rich companies and us little people are allowing them to do so.  I'm a firm believer that EVERYONE deserves health care.  There is no reason why anyone should be denied care.  I'm not saying that doctors shouldn't be paid, but I am saying that these companies who have had power over our purse strings need to be put in their place. 

It's okay to have a little profit-- after all you need some kind of profit to pay for a roof over your head.  But if an insurance company is making so much money that they legally need to shell out millions of dollars in a settlement, well, they aren't making a small profit, they are just greedy!

There are ways to beat these greedy companies legally and if you believe that you've been a victim of claim denial, than by all means, pursue it legally.  CNN actually put out an article on how to effectively battle your insurance company in 2007.   Many Fibro patients have had a ton of out-of-pocket expense when it comes to battling their disease.  I'm one of those victims because insurance companies will vary drastically when it comes to coverage.  I hope CNN's article will help you as much as it has helped me.

Stay Fabulous!
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