You're A Person Not A Machine

You're A Person Not A Machine

I just recently took a listen to this particular snippet from Wonderful Web Woman about the Australian Swimmer Shelley Taylor-Smith. In this short interview, Shelley discusses how one can realign their core values and feel like a person again as opposed to determining your self worth by your to do list.

I found this interview fascinating because I related it to Fibromyalgia. Many of us when newly diagnosed determine our worth by comparing our newly diagnosed selves with our old healthy ones. It's something that's simply not fair for us to do to ourselves because there is nothing to compare things with.

Our old life is gone. We can't get it back completely, but we certainly can incorporate "core values" back into our new life. All we have to do is redefine ourselves into who we are, not define ourselves by what we can do. A champion is constantly redefining themselves because they are determined to win.

If we start to think like a champion, we will then hang around with them, read about them, and even mimic them. It's a good practice to have because champions are positive people who won't suck your life essence from you or discourage you from making your goals. It's important to have positive people around you when you are newly diagnosed. You will need that encouragement while you try new things to help you with your illness.

Champions are also determined people who tackle their mental and physical obstacles daily while they play to win. As a Fibro sufferer, we may not want to play around with our disease, but we sure do want to win our life back! In essence, we Fibromites are champions when it comes to dealing with our disease because we tackle our symptoms mentally and physically every day.

These thoughts are not something new. I actually discussed them in my first book, The Fibro Hand, but I thought I should stress them again because being called a champion is good to hear and it's never said often enough to anyone with a disability!

Stay Fabulous!
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