The Bathroom

It's my least favorite room in the house because I'm the one that has to clean it.  I don't mind the toilet because crap doesn't talk back, and well, frankly I don't have to bend my body into a pretzel in order to clean the gosh darn thing.  The shower on the other hand is my most hated chore.  I've tried hide the dirt by covering the unsightliness with a very pretty shower curtain, but alas, it doesn't work.  I know the dirt is there.

That dirt toys with me, you know.  It FB pokes me in the middle of the night-- I swear!  It wants me to give it some attention, I know and I try-- really I do because this neat freak NEEDS to.  But when I'm flaring, it's different.  Flares suck, let's face it. 

We all flare differently, but in the end, all we really want is a fast way to clean the bathroom while in one.  So here goes...

First off, those all purpose Clorox Wipes are a God send!  Use those to clean the sink, toilet, and floor.  Clean the floor around the seat and then pay attention to the corners of the floor that collect dust.  Use the wipes to also clean your shower head, shower nobs, sink nobs, and anything else that may need a dusting (like the lights for instance).

Next, clean your stall with a good reach.  I used to love that Mr Clean Magic Reach.  It was great because I didn't have to stretch too much.  The pads are becoming very hard to find so I made a micro-fiber pad to fit one so I didn't have to give it up.  The same can also be achieved with an old broom, though.  Place an old towel over your old broom and you instantly have a new cleaning tool for your shower.

The last things that need to get cleaned are your curtain liner and mirror.  The curtain can be washed with a damp cloth until it becomes so soiled that it needs replacing and the mirror can be wiped down with glass cleaner.  This all should take a matter of 10-15 minutes for a relatively small bathroom.  Allow a little more time for a larger one.

Stay fabulous!

Love and Friendship,


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