Fibromyalgia IS NOT a Death Sentence!

One of the things that irritate me the most is when people commit verbal diarrhea on the internet.  I know that the internet is used for many things, forums, games, social networking, to name a few, but there is another really big reason for using the internet and that’s to research information on any particular subject.

There are a lot of people that look to the internet to research disease.  These people are generally newly diagnosed people.  Newly diagnosed means that they have little knowledge on the disease they are researching about.  Fibromyalgia and other misunderstood diseases in the medical community are tough to research.  There are many conflicting studies and even nostril flaring opinions out there on these diseases.  It’s tough to surf through all the crap.

When people air their dirty laundry on an internet blog, forum post, or even their Facebook page about their frustrations, it can add to the mess.  I’m not saying that one shouldn’t socialize on the net, nor am I stating that one should not use the internet to reach out to people who also have a disease—far from it.  Having a support system is one of the best things you can do for yourself to help you feel better.  I’m just merely stating that your rants really should be done responsibly.

Please remember that EVERYTHING you say on the internet is recorded for EVERYONE to see.  And more importantly, search engines see it too.  They will also post what you say in their search engine blurbs.  If you state “Fibro is a slow death” in your rant of pain, don’t be surprised to see it appear in part of the search engine’s blurb because it will, and actually has, shown up.  Everything you say or write can be taken out of context, especially in a search engine blurb. 

Fibromyalgia IS NOT a death sentence.  Findings and research do not medical point to the fact that one living with this condition will die from it.  In fact, any reputable medical journal or online health magazine will state that you can’t die from it.  Granted, the medical community is still baffled by what causes the disease in sufferers, but that doesn’t give anyone free range to mouth off.

We sufferers have a responsibility to the newly diagnosed.  We should be making sure our words are helpful and informative.  It is through this process that we all can heal, both physically and emotionally.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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