Fibro and Pregnancy

A new study has recently come out that wants to try and link Fibromyalgia to obesity.  The Journal of Pain thinks there is a close relation to obesity and Fibromyalgia patients.  The University of Utah conducted research of 215 patients and is now hypothesizing that obesity adds to the disease and disability.
They believe that obesity is common among those with Fibromyalgia because these findings are supposedly consistent with previous studies.  Out of the 215 participants, half were obese and an additional 30% were considered overweight.  They found that these participants had increased pain sensitivity and that it was pronounced in the lower body.  This study further suggests that weight loss will help to alleviate pain, as well as adopting a healthier lifestyle and having a positive attitude.  
I find this study comical to say the least because it doesn’t prove anything for Fibromyalgia sufferers.  Why?  Well, first off, the study is obviously slanted since about 80% of the participants had weight issues.  A more conclusive study that involves participants of all sizes should be done to have a better understanding of this issue.
As a side note, I’m not over weight, in fact, I could by some doctors be considered underweight, and I have Fibro so this study REALLY irritates me.  How could weight be an issue for me?  PLEASE!  I’d love to be the one to say, yeah, I could lose a few, and that’s the reason why I have Fibro, but I’m not that way.  I WISH I could GAIN a few.  My metabolism won’t have that though. 
Second, if this study supposedly proves that weight is a problem, then how do they explain pregnancy?  Clearly anyone who is having a baby will experience weight gain, and yet, many doctors have reported that patients seem to go into a remission when pregnant. 
Sure, there is that study done in 1997 from Norway that concluded that women with Fibromyalgia have a severity of pain in the last trimester of pregnancy, but that study was done with a very small percentage of participants.  Today, doctors like Mark J. Pellegrino of the United States and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum of the United Kingdom, will swear that their patients have experienced less pain while pregnant.
Relaxin, an ovarian hormone, may be the reason for this “remission”.  This hormone will allow the body, particularly the skin, to relax.  It does this so a women’s body can expand to hold the baby.  Relaxin has been shown in certain studies to help people with Fibromyalgia and can be taken as a supplement.
There really is not much known about pregnancy and Fibromyalgia as far as studies go, however an overwhelming amount of Fibro sufferers will advocate pregnancy.  I’m one of those sufferers that will. 
Why?  Because a child brings a lot of joy just like any animal or plant would.  Yes, they come with instructions and sometimes they are confusing to read, but that shouldn’t be a reason to say “forget it”.    We have a lot of power in us to change the negative and make a positive outcome for ourselves.
That is why I’m writing another book.  This one will be on Fibromyalgia and pregnancy.  I hope you join me in the journey with this book because I will post a lot of information on this blog that will eventually be posted in the book.  I’d also love your opinions.  Opinions would be great for this book because I hope to give tips and tricks that not only help me, but other sufferers too.  Fibro is different for us all so I hope that we all can help everybody.
Please email me if you’d like to contribute, help, or just plain have an issue.  I love input!
Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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