The National Fibromyalgia Association

Recently I was approached by a volunteer at the National Fibromyalgia Association.  She has had Fibromyalgia herself for 10 years and wanted me to know that the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA) is now posting their Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine online for free.  They are doing this in hopes of reaching the online community.  There are many people that are not aware of the fact that this wonderful foundation exists, hence, this where we bloggers come in.     

The magazine is available in a print form, as well.  That's something I always like to look for.  I like print versions better because, believe it or not, my fibro fog and eyes don't allow me much leeway with computer reading.  I also get very stiff when I'm sitting at the computer.  A book or a magazine is a lot more portable.  They allow me some curl up time.  I guess I'm old fashioned in that respect.

Fibromyalgia AWARE is rather expensive if you want it in print form.  It runs about 10 bucks a magazine and it only comes out 4 times a year.  The magazine does, however, put the subscription money to good use by using it for further research into the disease.

Their site is one of the first I looked at when I was diagnosed.  It has up to date information on the disease and offers a lot of different resources and communities to reach out to.  I highly suggest looking to them for information, especially if you are newly diagnosed.  I will have a link to their website on my links page, but for now, here is the link to the magazine:

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