Dr. Oz and Oprah discussed the topic of food last week on their shows which aired here in the North East on Jan 26 and 27th respectively. Both shows shocked their audiences with how some animals are treated BEFORE they become our food supply.

Oprah aired clips of the documentry "Food Incorporated" whiched showed the life of a chicken on a farm. The chicken was pumped with so many hormones to plump his breast quicker that he could not stand for longer than a few seconds. A chicken who lives like this clearly would not see the light of day.

The documentary also takes you into the life of an American family that financially struggles with their food and medical bills. The father, a truck driver by trade, is diebetic and needs his medicine. This medcine takes a good chunk of their take home pay. So much so, that they have to choose between food and meds. A reality that happens way too often in today's society.

Author Michael Pollen of "Food Rules" explains that the consumer can change this harsh reality. The government will not subsidize food that is nutricious, only processed. But if the consumer starts to spend more money on nutriuos food as opposed to processed, the government and food industries will have no choice but to listen.

He goes further to explain that if the consumer spends a little more on grass fed beef and dairy, they could reap the benefits of healthy food, thus spending less time at the doctor's office.

These types of meat may be more than your average supermarket meat, but are much healthier. He also states that people should be eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables. This way of eating will compensate the larger meat expense.

I personally have to agree. Our food bill is really not much higher now that we buy organic. In fact, it's a little less since we don't eat out as often. It may sound like we are giving up a lot since the average American eats fast food on average four times a week, but we really aren't. Fast food, like Burger King and Ruby Tuesdays, is not all that healthy to begin with. So we are actually saving money rather than spending it because we visit the doctors less due to a healthy diet.

It's funny that major shows are getting on the band wagon now, years after the health blogging community stated that processed food is bad for you. But at least they are listening now. It's a very welcome change in my book.

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