Courting the Cranberry

Courting the Cranberry

This article about cranberries helping with cholesterol may also help people who suffer with Fibro. It has been thought that Fibro sufferers and Chronic Fatigue sufferers are deficient in B vitamins, hence, some of them receive B shots from their doctor. Cranberry juice (or extract) has been shown to help with the absorption of B12, a vitamin required by the body for normal neurological function. Since fibro sufferers do not have normal neurological function, B12 is considered the culprit in some health care circles.

The article states that you can either take a supplement or drink the juice (3 glasses) to achieve the benefits. Now, I'm not stating that I believe whole-heartedly that a lack of B vitamins are the know all and be all of our Fibro problems. In fact, I think Fibro stems from a number of factors. But, vitamins can help. With this kind of good news, I think I'll be drinking it more often!

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