Great Books, Great Buys for the Month of November

I normally don't partake in very many contests.  I don't win anything unless it's something I can't use, so I usually don't even bother.  I remember winning a ton of free music downloads when Pepsi was first doing the giveaways, but I'm convinced that the only reason why I won was because I didn't own a computer at that time.  It's pretty hard to use a free download when you don't have access to a computer.  

This contest, however, was worth entering, because it allows me to give all of you, my cherished readers, a discount on my print books!  I like these kinds of contests because they allow me to do what I want to do for each and everyone of you.

From now until November 30th, you can receive a discount on any of my print books.  Go to for more details about this great deal that Lulu is offering.

BTW, we are almost half way to the getting another winner for an autographed copy of my book!  I know it may seem that I have not been reading your comments as of late, but I really have.  

A few of you will be in my newest book to come... For those of you that are not, be patient because you will in a future one!  My readers are very important to me!  Please know that I appreciate you all.  I have been trying to get used to my new comment thingy on my website.  I actually don't like it very much because it doesn't alter me to your posts-- a very BIG negative.  Please be patient with me until I adjust.

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