Testimony to Congress Warns of Antibiotics Overuse in Agriculture

That old adage, "You are what you eat" really has new meaning here. I read all of the testimony and I must say that I didn't know that animals were being treated with as many antibiotics as stated.

I am allergic to penicillin, I have been since birth. I'm actually so allergic that my throat would close if I were to ever take it. I can get that way with blue cheese too (penicillin is made from blue cheese). I had no idea that animals are being treated with penicillin regardless of whether they are sick or not.

Now, you may wonder why this might be a big deal for someone like me. Well, if I become immune to medicines (and in some cases I am thanks to fibro), I run the risk of running out of medications to help me fight off disease. I can't take penicillin or any of its other forms-- not good.

This is just more proof to have antibiotic free as possible meat. Because if we don't, we not only have the problem with our meats and vegetation, but we have the problems of illness.

This is a good read and I hope you enjoy.

Testimony to Congress Warns of Antibiotics Overuse in Agriculture

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