Make Safe, Natural Paint

This is a great way to "go green", but this is also great for fibro sufferers with chemical sensitivities. I have not tried all of these paint recipes myself, but they are easy to make and look promising.

The paint you buy in a store contains chemicals so it will hold up to fading, mildew, mold, cracking, and peeling. And there are a lot of good paints out on the market today that are quality paints. Some are even low odor.

I tend to like Sears paint because it is thick, covers well, and is okay as far as odor. But even I'd like an alternative sometimes.

When you decide to paint a room and you are toying with the idea of buying a gallon, ask yourself this one question before you buy a gallon of fumes... "Am I going to love this color for the next 20 years?"

If you don't think so, try your hand at this homemade paint. It may just be the breath of fresh air that you need.

Make Safe, Natural Paint

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