Industrial Farming is Giving us Less Nutritious Food

I've been an advocate for organics for many years because of my research about Fibromyalgia. I've known since late 2005 that my body could tell the difference between real food and processed, or what my daughters and I like to call "fake" food.

Some people want to go back to the old ways and have a garden of their own or meet the local farmers, but some want to dig in their heels and keep things as commercial as they possibly can for the convenience of it all... that convenience has a price...

The term disposable became really popular for to-go containers, diapers, and, unfortunately, even income. Let's hope that people wise up and realize that their health should not be listed under "disposable" along with everything else.
Please read this article to find out exactly what I mean-- I think it might surprise you.

Industrial Farming is Giving us Less Nutritious Food

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