There's a Frenzy in April...

There is a Frenzy that starts tomorrow and it lasts through the entire month of April. The play writing community just loves it, but Mathew Broderick-- uh, not so much. April is the time to dust of your pencils, pens, paper, or that lap top you use as an expensive paper weight, and write to your hearts content... Or at least 100 pages of a screen play.

You might be wondering why I'm even talking about this today because it has nothing to do with fibro. And you'd be right, writing has little to do with fibro, but it has everything to do with feeling fabulous. I know that not everyone out there in the reader world is a writer, but we all have things we like to do.

Some of us like to garden, read, practice yoga, or go bike riding. Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time is the topic for today. Now, some of you are probably saying to yourself right now as you read this, yeah, you're crazy Kim if you think I have any spare time. I know you are thinking that so don't try and think any different. We all have very little time that we dedicate to ourselves because so many people depend on us. We make breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. We feed the pets, walk the dog (or in my case, the cats-- no seriously, don't laugh-- I have to give mine exercise because he's on the pudgy side), we take care of the kids, drive the kids to soccer practice, go to the PTA meetings, make the coffee, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and what ever else that may be needed on any given day. We have a tough list to finish all day, every day and I sometimes wonder how I've made time to brush my teeth. My days can last any where from 12 hours to 18, so there is really very little time for me to be me. I'm sure it's the same for all of you too.

But we shouldn't be doing this to ourselves. We matter because if we don't take some time out for ourselves every day, we can't do what we need to for others. And when you have fibro, that's all the more reason to take some time because you don't need a flare to stop you in your tracks.

Carving time out in your day should be one of your priorities to keep yourself feeling fabulous. This can be a tough task when other family members are involved because sometimes they don't understand why you need time. I know it's happened to me because I'm Mom, I don't need anything... That card sound familiar? When my hubby tries to sneak in more free time than he should by pulling that card, I kindly remind him that I'd be more than happy to do what he wants me to do, but he needs to prepare himself for the day when I have a flare and he'll have to do everything on his own.

He might not like the gentle reminder that he's just as capable to do chores, but I'm sure he'd rather hear that then do all the chores on his own-- I know I would. I do the same with my oldest too and I try hard not to feel guilty about it because, after all, they make time for themselves, so why shouldn't I?

Script Frenzy is my way of giving myself permission to take some time for myself. It's a way where I can carve out an hour a day, or a few hours in the week, just for me. It will be a tough challenge to carve out enough time to complete a 100 page script, but I think I can do it. But even if I don't, I am still a winner because I'm taking time out of my day to feel fabulous.

So, why don't we all try a challenge to give ourselves some time to relax. You do what ever tickles your fancy, it doesn't have to be about a 100 page script. It can be anything you want, just try and track it for yourself in a journal or on the calendar so you can look back on April as a fabulous month.

Contest Update: We are just 6 comments away from a winner so keep the comments coming!

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,


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