Calming the Beast

I came across a really funny news story about an hour or two ago and it was interesting enough to me to share. The story is about playing Barry Manilow's music in a strip mall so the teenagers will stay out.

What I found funny was the fact that the teenagers found the music choice to be out of date. I grew up with Barry. I remember the long hair, bell bottoms, and shells he wore while singing Mandy. I was just a little thing when Mandy came out, but it wasn't that long ago.

The thing that isn't funny about the article is the reason why the mall decided to go with easy listening music. They chose it because it can calm one's mind. They figure that the teens won't hang around spray painting their names onto the store fronts if Can't Smile Without You is playing.

Now, teens are teens, and I really find it hard to believe that Barry will stop them from coming to the mall. But what may happen is that some of the adults will feel good enough to stay and shop. Supermarkets at one point did some research into the shopping habits of the female shopper, and found out that their target shopper will buy more if easy listening music is played.

Now, that may sound like nonsense, but the facts are true because soft music will calm the beast and help you to relax. I find that my clearest moments are those when relaxing music is on. Granted, I like rock and roll too, and I will put on some 80's Hair Bands when I'm cleaning the house, but when I'm trying to concentrate on a writing piece, I've got Barry on.

Life can be stressful and turn your body and head into knots. Having fibro can make it worse, but if you can find something that will help, like listening to music, it can make things a little more fabulous.

BTW don't forget about the contest! Keep the comments coming, we are almost half way there to giving away the first book.

Love and friendship,


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