The Final Days Are Here

Well, it's finally here, the last days of voting for the People's Choice Health Blogger Awards. There are only three days left! I can't believe how fast the time has gone! It's been a blast this past month reading the nominee's health blogs and reading all the beautiful comments readers like you, have left me. I want to thank each and every one of you that has voted, it means a lot, more than you could ever know. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Have you voted for your favorite Health Blogger? If not, go to the right of this blog and click on the Vote for Me badge for details. I'm out of the running for the top 20, but with your help, I can make the top 100. Please vote before the 15th if you plan on doing so. And while you are at Wellsphere, check out the other blogs that are in the running too. You can vote for anyone that you like, but you can only vote for them once. This is done to prevent "ballot stuffing" and to be fair to all of the candidates.

Hope all of you readers are doing fabulous and I'll be back in later today (or this week depending upon my research) to post a blog about Fibromyalgia and skin care.

Love and Friendship,


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