To Do's

It's funny how you can run into people you knew way back when. I got together with an old friend of mine that I knew in high school and college. We were very good friends back then and did a lot together. She was one friend who knew the me before all of the Fibro madness caught up with me.

We started talking a bit about my issues with Fibromyalgia and the conversation got strange. You see, she started to ask me how different my life is now after diagnoses. And I started to tell her that I have to pace myself with how much I do in a day, and of course, sometimes I don't do that, because on some days I feel really good and I stretch the limit.

She then asked me what I meant by that and I explained that I had this one day where I cleaned my living room and bathroom from top to bottom and then went to my mother-in-laws and raked about three quarters of the leaves in her back yard with her. I of course felt the aches and pains of that day for the next three because of my Fibro. But I also told her that most people would probably be able to do much more than that. They would probably at least be able to finish the yard. And of course I told her that not being able to do things or finish things makes me feel guilty.

And then she said something that I didn't expect. She said you know, Kim, for most people, what you did that day is a lot. And that got me thinking because she's right. Even on our bad days we do a lot. We all have to get out of bed, get a shower, get dressed, and eat at least a meal or two. That's a lot. And of course, we don't stop there-- even on our bad days-- because some of us have jobs, kids, housework, and a slue of other responsibilities that we do everyday. And that's a lot too.

So with my friend's thoughts in mind, maybe we can all look at our to do list a little bit differently. Maybe we should start to celebrate how much we've done, instead of how little we think we've done.

Stay fabulous!
Love and friendship,

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